Memory Error

I never thought that digital photos can be corrupted like film ones until I deleted them accidentally and tried to recover them. After leaving the computer running all night recovering photos from my hard drive, I finally found the photos I deleted by mistake. Those were taken on my first trip to New York City three years ago. I remember I walked 27 km in one day just wandering around the magical city and take photos. Even though those were just random photos, I still feel terrible of losing them cause they represent a wonderful memory of mine. Unfortunately, the recovered images were corrupted badly. I felt sad for a moment and tried to look for ways to recover the recovered corrupted photos. After many times of browsing the images, I suddenly realized those were exactly my memory. They are busy and chaotic, just like how I felt about NYC the first time. Everything I had in my mind about that trips became vague and only leaves some fragments for me. I look back on my past through memories which based on the images I have. The error happened to my memory card resembles the errors happen to my memory all the time.


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