Wetness and dryness in the making of xuan paper

The making of Xuan Paper (Rice Paper, xuānzhǐ) is a time-consuming and complex tradition from China. In order to make the paper from raw materials – rice straws and barks of the Tara Wing-Celtis or Blue Sandalwood tree, many forms of natural resources such as sun, wind, water are used, together with heavy human labors and tools.

The installation represents ten key procedures – steaming, bleaching, pounding, cutting, trampling, washing, mixing, dredging, squeezing, sunning, each with 15 pieces of a gradual change. The heat, the wetness, the external forces that made this Xuan Paper leaves their new marks on the paper, which was supposed to be the final product. There is a clear aim to use different forces in the making Xuan Paper. But there is not one in the installation. It is an open-ended exploration.

xuan paper 1


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